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ABCmouse is an early learning academy tool featuring educational programming for 10 different levels of learners ages 2 through 8. Programs include educational games and puzzles, as well as a level-by-level curriculum of reading and language arts and colors, math, art, music, and science and social studies for students. Through animations, song, books, games, puzzles, artwork, and printables, students learn about each subject at their level, at their pace.

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Achievement Network (A-Net)

The Achievement Network works alongside school leadership teams to strengthen their school-wide practice and culture of using learning standards and achievement data to get breakthrough results for students in low-income communities.

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect enables instructors and enablement teams to recreate the learning environment of physical classrooms, and enables them to capture and maintain a learner’s attention using integrated features like Polls, Chat, Custom Apps, and more.

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Teachers have an easy-to-use calendar system for creating and scheduling activities. Students also utilize a calendar system to sign-up for activities. Administrators have a variety of tools and reports that allow them to oversee the entire scheduling system. Schools can build a list of people (both teachers and students) who can tutor various subjects. Students request help for the subjects. AllTimely pairs the student making the request, and the teacher/student providing the tutoring, during a scheduled activity.

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Amplify mCLASS

mCLASS is a universal screener that measures the development of reading skills of all students in grades K-5 through two main assessments: Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) and the Text Reading Comprehension (TRC) assessments.

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Amplify Reading

Amplify Reading is a personalized learning program for grades K-5 with captivating storylines to engage students in powerful reading instruction and practice. Whether students are learning to read fluently or sharpening close reading skills, Amplify Reading accelerates their growth while freeing educators up to work with small groups or individual students.

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Applied Educational Systems

Applied Educational Systems creates digital curriculum solutions for health science, business education, computer applications, and career readiness. Their products are HealthCenter21 and Business&ITCenter21. These programs streamline a teacher’s work with cutting-edge features like pre-made lesson plans, customizable assessments, automatic grading, and more.

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NCWIT AspireIT is designed to teach K-12 girls programming fundamentals and computational thinking in fun, creative, and hands-on environments. AspireIT participants are ultimately encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to future innovations. Research shows that AspireIT participants more easily identify with near-peer mentors, increasing their personal self-efficacy and confidence.

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Auto Upkeep

Auto Upkeep helps keep you safe and your vehicle reliable by providing easy-to-follow information with detailed pictures and drawings. Discover how to choose a quality repair facility, buy a car, handle roadside emergencies, diagnose common problems, and communicate effectively with technicians all while saving money.

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Belouga is a digital platform providing teachers and students with the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with their peers locally and globally. The platform is driven by interactive content that gives all users an experience to learn about the world, with the world.

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Blackboard Connect

Blackboard Connect is a mass notification system that lets you send updates and emergency alerts to everyone in your community through emails, phone calls, text messages, or social media channels.

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Blooket is a web-based quiz game platform for group competition or solo study. What sets it apart is that the quizzes can be re-themed using a variety of “game modes” that offer unique visual themes and gameplay types, turning quizzes into competitive experiences similar to games students might play on their phones for fun. Like other quizzing tools, teachers create question sets and then launch games. Students join with a code and then answer questions in real time with their devices.

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Book Creator

Book Creator is a digital tool that enables students to create and read multimodal digital books. It is an ideal tool for enhancing student engagement through story creation and multimedia design. When creating their own books, students can either generate their own content (by typing, drawing, or uploading self-made videos, audio files, and images) or they can curate online multimedia resources from the Internet. Book Creator can also be used in project-based learning activities because it allows real-time collaboration for multiple students to create one book.

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Bookshare makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style and find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading.

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BrainPOP Science

BrainPOP Science is a phenomenon-driven middle school science product that provides robust investigations, units, embedded assessments, and actionable diagnostics for 6-8th grade across Physical, Life, and Earth & Space Science. Our scaffolded investigations, interactive tools, embedded assessments, and actionable diagnostics facilitate three-dimensional learning, support the 5E instructional model, and guide students toward mastery of science, engineering, and technology standards.

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Breezin’ Thru Theory

Breezin’ Thru’s music theory program is so motivating, students quickly build mastery as well as self-confidence! Accessed seamlessly online—on any device, anytime, anywhere—it’s fun and interactive.

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Building Blocks by McGraw Hill

This engaging math program contains nearly 300 fully animated digital activities for PreK–8 math practice, conceptual development, and remediation. These digital activities cover a variety of topics including counting, basic math operations, algebraic thinking, geometric shapes, rational numbers, and data classification and analysis. Building Blocks activities are sequenced using highly researched developmental paths called learning trajectories, which mirror the way children naturally develop mathematical knowledge.

Accessed through the McGraw Hill tile.

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Capstone Interactive

Capstone Interactive Library eBooks are browser-based, digital books that feature easy navigation tools and enhanced content that supports readers of all types and ages. They allow emergent readers to follow along as text is read, engage struggling students and English Language Learners in classroom and group reading activities, and give reluctant readers a new way to make reading and learning fun!

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ChessKid teaches the game of chess with lessons and play. Each player, regardless of mastery level, can learn from lessons and videos that cover a wide range of topics, such as an introduction of each chess piece, opening offensive and defensive strategies, and common attacking patterns. Videos are followed by interactive quizzes, so players can test their new knowledge.

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CK-12 app provides schools free, full curriculum for Middle School, High School Science and Math. All content is fully aligned to CCSS, NGSS and all 50 individual state standards. This includes ~100+ digital textbooks (customizable) and ~5000 Science and Math concepts.

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Class Intercom

A social media management platform created specifically for educational use, Class Intercom is a simple way to manage social media profiles for a single school or an entire district. Class Intercom gives educators, administrators and students the ability to create, schedule, moderate, publish, monitor and archive great social media—all in one place.

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ClassDojo is an online classroom management platform and app where teachers can record and track student behavior, facilitate classroom activities, curate student portfolios, and engage in school-to-home communication. Student sign-in is simple with a class code, QR code, or username. From the teacher dashboard, teachers can create original activities or use the toolkit to post class announcements, assign from the library, create random groups, and more.

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Classkick is an app and web-based instructional tool. Classkick it allows teachers to take their classroom paperless, see students working in real-time, and support kids with just-in-time feedback. Classkick let students work at their own pace, show their thinking in diverse ways, and receive fun, engaging feedback from their peers and teachers.

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Classworks is an online tiered intervention program that includes an NCII-validated assessment, K-8 math, reading and language arts instruction, progress monitoring, and real-time data and reporting. Classworks simplifies the RtI process with an NCII-validated academic screener and rigorous instruction for tier one and individualized instruction and easy-to-use progress monitoring for tiers two and three. Each student’s assessment data drives their learning, to close gaps and set students on the path to grade-level proficiency.

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Code Central

Students will learn many different technologies as they are introduced to various facets of Computer Science through our project-based curriculum. In addition to creating projects, they also complete challenges to facilitate their learning and understanding of concepts. Areas of instruction found throughout the curriculum include: Website Development, Graphic Design, Game Development, Robotics, Computer Hardware, and Networking & Cyber Security.

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Codelicious provides computer science courses that are designed to be educator-led, education-standards aligned, and include full-year, project-based curriculum to engage every learning style. Unplugged and Digital Citizenship lessons discuss ethical Internet behaviors, problem solving strategies, and a variety of STEM careers.

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CompuScholar offers online computer programming and digital literacy courses for middle school and high school students. We partner with educators and draw on real-world experience to prepare students for the computing jobs of the future.

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Copper Banking

Copper is a mobile app that helps teach teens about financial literacy. Many banks don’t have accounts oriented towards teens. With parental oversight, Copper lets teens spend via an included Mastercard debit card. And parents are able to track and monitor their teens’ spending. Copper makes it easy to send money back and forth between teens and parents. If parents want to send money for an allowance, everything can be done digitally. Given the digital nature of our economy, this makes complete sense.

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CS First

Google CS First is an online platform for creating, managing, and teaching the basics of computer science concepts to students in late elementary and middle school. There are currently 81 programming explorations and lessons across 19 themes (such as animation, game design, art, sports, storytelling, and music). Each lesson is ready to go out of the box and includes video tutorials, Getting Started guides, scripted teacher resources, student instructions, example projects, digital materials (with solution guides), and more. Difficulty levels range from Introductory to Advanced, and each activity or theme is also marked with how long it should take to complete.

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CultureGrams provides country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world’s people. The reports are written and reviewed by in-country experts and are updated as new information becomes available, so you can be sure you are offering only the very best, most current information to staff and students. Users link to the reports via an engaging, map-based interface that can be accessed anywhere, anytime

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DOGO News is a web-based source for articles on current events. Articles can be searched in grade chunks from K-12 but will most likely engage upper elementary and tweens the most. Content ranges from serious to silly and is broken out into current events, science, social studies, world, environment, sports, video, and fun. Articles are several paragraphs long, and spiced up every few paragraphs with an image, infographic, or video. Features over 4,000 articles and over 9,000 close reading assignments for Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking Challenge, Vocabulary in Context and Quizzes.

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DreamBox Math

An interactive, adaptive, self-paced program that provides engaging activities for students to learn and practice skills in mathematics. It’s available for both web-based and iPad platforms, and student progress is tracked across both. It creates a personalized pathway for students based on their demonstrated level of readiness and adapts this pathway as students learn.

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Education Galaxy’s Smarter Balanced Assessments preparation program provides online assessment and practice for students in Grades K-8 to help build mastery towards the Nevada Academic Content Standards. Our unique online program is easy to use and enjoyable for both teachers and students. Students work on their Study Plans practicing important concepts while teachers pull formative assessment reports to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their classroom and individual students.

eDynamic Learning

The eDynamic Learning middle school and high school curriculum is used in a variety of online and blended learning environments. Courses are designed to be flexible for teachers and ensure that students leave high school with the knowledge and preparation needed to make life-shaping college and career decisions.

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eDynamic Learning

eDynamic Learning is the largest publisher of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and elective courses in North America offering online digital courses for middle and high schools. The CTE and Career Library offers schools digital courseware to support their CTE Plan or Programs of Study (POS). Courses follow the National Career Clusters categories and can serve as a textbook replacement or to supplement the classroom curriculum. eDynamic Learning’s Career Ready Program courses are aligned to industry certifications.

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eLumin Virtual Computer Lab

eLumin’s virtual classroom delivers to your students hands-on experience in the tools they’ll be using after they graduate, without the need for multiple devices or repetitive software installations. Learning Lab is designed to deliver on-demand and secure virtual labs, ideal for simulations and technical programs.

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Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a website and app that allows teachers to facilitate video discussions. Students are organized into groups and then given access to discussion topics. The topic space serves as an interactive message board where teachers can pose questions and students can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display. Guests can also be invited to participate with a link and a password. Customizable security settings help protect student privacy. A variety of filters and tools allow for text, stickers, screen recording, and other possibilities. Via the immersive reading feature, students can see closed captioning and translations, too

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Formative is a web-based tool that allows teachers to create assignments, deliver them to students, receive results, and provide individualized feedback in real-time. Teachers can use the platform to create new assignments for their students from scratch, or they can upload pre-existing documents and transform them into paperless assignments.

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Gateway by PLTW

PLTW Gateway’s 10 units empower students to lead their own discovery. The hands-on program boosts classroom engagement and excitement, drives collaboration, and inspires “aha! moments” and deep comprehension. And as students engage in PLTW’s activities in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, they see a range of paths and possibilities they can look forward to in high school and beyond.

Accessed through the myPLTW tile.

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Generation Genius

Generation Genius is a comprehensive set of science videos and lessons made in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association. The resources align with the Next Generation Science Standards for grades K-8. Each video has accompanying lesson plans, science investigations, and quizzes.

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With content may be created from within Canvas, you get your own H5P content repository accessible from within Canvas and grades are stored in Canvas. also provides analytics accessible from within Canvas so that teachers may see what the learners answered to the different H5P questions.

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Headsprout Early Reading is a supplemental beginning reading program for students in Pre-K through 2nd Grade who are not yet reading or who are in the beginning stages of the reading process. Designed to teach the foundational skills and strategies that are critical in becoming a skilled fluent reader, this Internet-based program creatively captures the attention of the young  reader through the use of engaging, highly interactive activities, and serves as an on-line tutor, providing one-on-one instruction.
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Honorlock upholds academic integrity with online exam proctoring that’s monitored by AI and reviewed by humans. Our software and live test proctors make the technical proctoring experience simple, easy, and human.

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iLit is a comprehensive reading intervention program for students in Grades 6 and up. Teachers and students can access this fully digital program on multiple platforms and devices, and it utilizes a proven instructional model. It includes every resource you need to support your Tier 2, Tier 3, and English language learner (ELL) students: curriculum, assessment, data, and professional development.

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Imagine Español

Imagine Español teaches Spanish foundational reading, reading comprehension, and language development skills to Spanish-speaking students in Pre-K to Grade 2 through engaging digital activities and offline resources.

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Impero Software Classroom

Impero Software’s Classroom application makes it easy to maintain control and keep students focused. Teachers can easily identify students who are off task and remove online distraction with real-time monitoring and restrict browsing functionality. With real-time visibility of student activity, Impero Classroom allows teachers and support staff to identify students who are struggling on a piece of work, discreetly message and support them on the task.

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Introduction to Engineering Design by PLTW

Students dig deep into the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects. They work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems using 3-D modeling software, and use an engineering notebook to document their work.

Accessed through the myPLTW tile.

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IO Assessment

IO Assessment makes conducting assessments easy with intuitive teacher and student interfaces. Explore the item authoring tool for simple creation of custom test questions and item banks.

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Istation Reading

Istation Reading provides computer-based assessment and instruction in reading and writing for PreK-12 students. Students complete game-based lessons and activities led by animated characters while the program generates reports on their progress for teachers, parents and administrators.

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itopia CloudApps Classroom

itopia is a streaming technology that enables educators to provide anytime, anywhere, on any device access to pre-configured software apps that students commonly use for Career Technical Education (CTE) and for other purposes. These “virtual labs” are particularly designed to deliver a great user experience for graphics-intensive applications, including video editing and 3D rendering.

, 9-12 cte

Kami is an online document annotation and markup tool. You can highlight, underline, and strikethrough text in PDF and other document formats. You can also add text boxes, shapes, and images. Kami works with Google Drive and Google Classroom. With Kami, you can easily collaborate on documents in the classroom while avoiding the hassles of printing documents.

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Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an award-winning educational app for young learners ages two to seven. The app engages kids in core subjects like early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math, while encouraging creativity and building social-emotional skills.

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LanSchool is a classroom management software designed to help educational institutions create online tests, monitor student devices, and engage, collaborate, and communicate with them on a centralized platform. Teachers can disable internet connectivity during quizzes or tests, limit access to approved websites, and send or receive documents such as assignments, templates, and other learning materials from students.

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Learning Tools for AP Courses

Learning Tools for AP Courses help educators empower students to succeed in their AP classes, reach their target scores on exams, and earn college credit. Designed to be intuitive and simple yet effective, they feature relevant, up-to-date questions modeled after College Board content with answer explanations that are clear, concise, and complete. Encouraging students to understand why they got an answer wrong helps them retain the information and master concepts.

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Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning offers more than 2000 science and math games and simulations for grades 3-8 across all Common Core and NGSS learning objectives. The games are specifically designed from NGSS, Common Core, and state standards to support your lesson plans. They are designed to increase student retention, comprehension, and interest in their studies, as demonstrated by research.

, 3-8 science
Magma Math

Magma Math is a digital math platform that allows for students to show their work the same way they would with a pencil and paper. The platform reduces the amount of time spent on lesson planning and allows teachers to focus on providing differentiated support based on real-time data.

, k-12 math
Middlebury Interactive Languages

Middlebury Interactive online Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese courses use immersion pedagogy to develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking expertise applicable in real-life contexts. The courses align to American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards.

, k-12 language
My Access!

MY Access! is a prompt-driven, web-based instructional writing program that scores student responses to prompts/writing tasks nearly instantaneously through advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Through the consistent, time-sensitive scoring of student writing, educators can conduct early diagnosis, deliver writing assignments more frequently which are personalized to a student’s needs, and monitor writing performance changes.

myLexia by Lexia

myLexia is Lexia’s administrative and reporting website for educators to use with Lexia’s student programs (Lexia Core5 Reading, Lexia English Language Development, Lexia PowerUp Literacy, and Lexia RAPID Assessment), and with Lexia Academy.


myPLTW is the access point for account and user management; student rostering; Courses, the Project Lead the Way curriculum delivery tool; and more.

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a mission-driven organization that is transforming the learning experience for PreK-12 students and teachers across the U.S. We believe all students should have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for a thriving and enduring career. Through our pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science, we offer students the opportunity to address challenges and develop solutions through problem-solving strategies, critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration, and perseverance.

, , all cte prek-12

myViewBoard is an ecosystem for collaborative education and work. Create content with a digital whiteboard, present and attend online classes, and share content across devices. Use browser-based tools on, or download dedicated apps.

, communication k-12

NowComment is a free, versatile document annotation and discussion platform that helps groups of people mark up and discuss texts. It’s useful for discussing readings, giving group feedback on writing, remote learning, collaborative projects, and assessments.

, communication k-12
NSDA Campus

NSDA Campus is an affordable, secure, and easy to use video platform for hosting virtual speech and debate tournaments that integrates with both and Speechwire and has facilitated nearly 80,000 rooms!

, 6-12 communication
NUITEQ Snowflake is an education portal connecting teachers and students, making learning fun and engaging. Users can make, play and share lesson activities

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One95 Digital Portal

One95 integrates professional learning and evidence-based literacy products into one cohesive system that supports consistent instruction across tiers—so you’re ready and able to help every child realize their reading potential.

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Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel is a piano learning software designed by professional piano teachers to improve the way that we learn music. Change the way you learn piano!

, k-12 music

Through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), PlayVS is empowering students to compete in esports on behalf of their high school, with the opportunity to win a championship, just like any other youth sport.

, , , 9-12 communication cte emotional-learning
PLTW Computer Science

PLTW Computer Science engages students in collaborative projects that help them develop in-demand computer science knowledge as well as transportable skills like creative thinking and communication. And whether they’re creating an online art gallery or using automation to process and analyze DNA-sequence data, PLTW Computer Science students are seeing how their learning connects to the real world.

Accessed through the myPLTW tile.

, , 9-12 computer-science cte
PLTW Engineering

Each PLTW Engineering course engages students in interdisciplinary activities like working with a client to design a home, programming electronic devices or robotic arms, or exploring algae as a biofuel source. These activities not only build knowledge and skills in engineering, but also empower students to develop essential skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and perseverance.

Accessed through the myPLTW tile.

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PLTW Gateway

PLTW Gateway fuels students’ passion for discovery. As they engage in hands-on, collaborative problem solving focused on real-world challenges, students use and stretch their imaginations in brand-new ways and connect their learning to life. All the while, students step into roles spanning the career landscape – a crucial experience during this transitional time in their lives.

Accessed through the myPLTW tile.

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PLTW Launch

PLTW Launch is designed with activities that let them see what they can be and build skills to discover what they can do. Students are immersed in hands-on activities, projects, and problems that build upon each other and relate to the real world. They experience integrated learning that blends computer science, engineering, biomedical science, and more. Throughout the modules, even the youngest learners apply their math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills, learn science to standards, and adopt skills that are foundational across disciplines.

Accessed through the myPLTW tile.

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Prodigy Game

Prodigy is an online video game with a built-in mathematics curriculum that is geared toward elementary and middle school students. The game immerses students in a fantasy world that they can freely explore as they battle enemies, collect items, upgrade their characters, and interact with other classmates and players, all while answering mathematics assessment questions that are tracked and monitored by the teacher.

, , 1-2 3-8 math
Progress Learning

Progress Learning, formerly USATestprep and Education Galaxy, is a supplemental learning resource for K12 schools and districts that helps students master their state standards. Our web-based platform can be accessed from any web-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones. Progress Learning is ideal for teachers and school administrators seeking to close performance gaps and improve student mastery of state standards.

, , , , ela k-12 math science social-studies
Reading Horizons Discovery

Reading Horizons Discovery is a turnkey solution for effectively teaching foundational reading skills to produce proficient readers. This seamless solution streamlines instruction for teachers by providing tech-enhanced lesson content, support resources, and real-time data to differentiate instruction. On-demand real-time coaching supports every lesson so teachers can deliver science-based instruction confidently and effectively, increasing student engagement and maximizing impact.

, , , ela k-3 phonics reading
Reading Horizons Elevate

The Reading Horizons Elevate program provides striving readers and English Language Learners with strategies that help them understand the patterns and structure of the English language. The skills taught in this program drastically decreases reading, spelling, and pronunciation errors while building reading fluency and comprehension.

, , , 3-12 ela phonics reading

ReadWorks is a learning website that helps students develop key reading comprehension skills. It offers a wide range of free K-12 reading materials and online assignments. ReadWorks resources can be used to supplement the reading practice done in class.


Ready4K offers evidence-based family engagement curricula for PreK to 8th grade families. Each week, parents and caregivers receive text messages with fun facts and easy tips on how to promote their children’s development by building on existing family routines – like finding fractions while making food or asking their child to predict what will happen next while reading a story. To increase access, Ready4K is available in 10+ languages, with Core, Trauma-Informed, and student data-driven Personalized Learning support.

, , early-childhood emotional-learning prek-8
School Passport

School Passport is a single sign-on (SSO) service that is an additional layer on top of GG4L Connect (GG4L Connect is a data integration platform that provides secure exchanges between different information services.). School Passport helps school districts securely and cost-effectively distribute GG4L compliant applications and content to students and staff using standards-based SSO, identity management (IDM), and identity federation services.

, , all teachers technology
Second Step

Second Step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning that promotes school success, school connectedness and a safe and respectful school climate. More than just a classroom curriculum, Second Step’s holisitic approach helps create a more empathetic society by providing education professionals, families, and the larger community with tools to enable them to take an active role in the social-emotional growth of our children. This is accomplished by directly teaching students the skills that strengthen their ability to learn, have empathy, manage emotions, and solve problems.

, emotional-learning prek-8

Soundtrap is a digital audio workstation accessed in any web browser or through a mobile app (Chrome, iOS, and Android). Similar to other digital recording options, it includes prerecorded loops, multitrack recording, software instruments, voice recording, and the ability to connect MIDI devices. Where Soundtrap differs is in its support of collaboration through integrated chat and video calls. To see changes during collaboration, a simple sync updates the project.

, , , , 6-12 arts communication cte ela

Sphero Edu is an app that lets kids program their Sphero robots from a tablet or phone. Beginning coders use block-based programming to direct and control their robot. A text-based code viewer is also available so kids can see how their block code translates into actual code. This gives experienced programmers more flexibility and is a scaffold to help students scale up their coding skills.

, , 3-8 science technology
Sports Medicine Essentials

Correlating with NATA Standards, Sports Medicine Essentials, introduces essential skills in Sports Medicine, along with its growing number of career choices. Students will explore careers in fitness instruction, athletic training, exercise physiology, sports management, and even physical therapy, while practicing important, job-related skills. More than a text, this unique hands-on learning tool asks students to perform essential skills, such as taping injuries, researching sports medicine supplies and their costs, and even forming a mock safety committee to mitigate injury risks to athletes.

Accessed through the Cengage Mindtap tile.

, 9-12 cte

SpringBoard is the College Board’s college and career readiness program for all students in grades 6-12. Its flexible framework integrates rigorous instruction, performance-based assessment, and exemplary professional development.

, , , , 6-12 college-and-career-prep math reading writing
Step Up to Writing

Step Up to Writing includes embedded professional development; provides flexible implementation options; is compatible with any core curriculum; and supports writing instruction across all content areas. This solution’s multisensory, explicit, and systematic approach to teaching writing is designed to provide clear strategies, methods, and supports for increased student success. Created for all students, the strategies in Step Up to Writing are designed to be used to support writing instruction in all content areas.

, k-5 writing
Storyline 360

Storyline 360 is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that enables instructional designers to create custom, interactive courses. In Storyline, creators have access to a variety of eLearning functionalities, including quizzing, screen recording, and software simulation.

, , 6-12 instruction lesson-planning
Stride Career Platform

In addition to core academic courses required for graduation, Stride Career Prep career-focused electives allow high school students to explore different career fields and gain skills that can help them be successful in the workplace and in college. Whether they intend to go to college, are already working in their chosen career field, or plan to start a career right out of high school, Stride Career Prep can combine their passion and interests with what they will need to compete for jobs in high-demand fields.

, 9-12 college-and-career-prep
Student Success Agency

Student Success Agency partners with school districts to offer timely services like academic tutoring, mental health support, and postsecondary planning after school and over the weekends to students to complement the short school day.

, communication k-12
ThinkLink by School Specialty

ThinkLink is a new curriculum platform from School Specialty, built to support easy single sign-on and class management with Clever. ThinkLink provides access to Access to FOSS, Success Coach and other programs by School Specialty.


Turnitin is an online plagiarism detector as well as an electronic grading and feedback system for students’ writing assignments. As teachers create assignments, students submit files from a computer or a cloud-based service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Turnitin checks each assignment for plagiarism (or improper citation) using its OriginalityCheck system; assignments can also be peer- or teacher-evaluated using the PeerMark and GradeMark features. There’s also a Forums section for hosting class discussions, with customizable moderation levels.

, , 3-12 ela writing is a 100% free, online typing tutor and grade-based digital literacy curriculum for students of all ages. It includes teacher tools to manage classes, and grade and track student progress.

, , , cte ela k-12 typing

Vizzle is a platform that includes visual, interactive lessons for special education students and students with autism. Log in to the teacher dashboard to begin searching for lessons, which can be sorted by subject, grade, or type of activity. Topics include everything from ELA and math to speech therapy and life skills. Once teachers find a lesson they like, they can tag it, preview it, add it to a student’s education plan, or save it to My List. Once they’re added to the roster, lessons can be assigned to multiple or individual students.

, , , , , ela k-12 math science social-studies special-education! is a very simple and easy-to-use digital whiteboard where you, as the teacher, can see all your students’ whiteboards in real time. Students only see your whiteboard and their own, and you can push things out to their whiteboard. The best part is that there’s no login required, and it works on any device. can be accessed on any web browser.

, , , assessment instruction k-12 teachers
Wonders by McGraw Hill

Wonders is an evidence-based K–5 ELA program that empowers students to take an active role in learning and exploration. Your students will enjoy unparalleled opportunities to express and assess themselves through reading, writing, and speaking. They will encounter the right content at the right moment in their learning journey to promote strong educational outcomes for all.

Accessed through the McGraw Hill tile.


WritingCity is a K-5 standards-based curriculum that provides systematic daily writing and grammar instruction. Fusing best practices, such as the 6 traits of writing, Writer’s Workshop, Multiple Intelligences, and Bloom’s Taxonomy, this comprehensive program gives teachers and students everything they need to develop their craft with confidence.

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Zulama Computer Science

Students build programming skills to create polished, portfolio-worthy projects. From Scratch to Unity, JavaScript to C#, they ideate, plan, research, design, prototype, and program their own computational apps, games, and simulations with a diverse suite of digital tools and programming languages that are appropriate across grade levels.

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